Verifier Series


Verifier Series

Portable, X-Ray Inspection

The Verifier Series are affordable x-ray systems suitable for virtually any quality inspection application. Electronics and material analysis, quality inspection, proto design, failure analysis, manufacturing process validation, rework verification, etc.

The Verifier Series (FSX-75/80/90) are mobile x-ray systems with exceptional performance and value. Ideal for prototyping, failure analysis, manufacturing process validation, rework verification and more...




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- PCB Handling: 16x18" | 406x457mm
- Footprint: 32x34" | 813x864mm
- Portable (fits thru standard doors)
- Exceptionally easy-to-use
- cost effective of ownership
- Low maintenance

- Affordable: "Best in Class" Performance, Portable X-Ray Inspection Solution.

- Easy to Use: No complexity / No intimidation / No programming / No fixturing required, train operators quickly and easily.
- Safe: Exceeds all safety and radiation protection requirements set forth by CDRH and FDA regulations.

- Reliable: Low maintenance, no motors or limit switches to replace.

- Portable: Able to fit through a standard door and hallways, on casters and easily rolled wherever needed.




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