Insight Series


Insight Series

Multi-Axis, X-Ray Inspection

The Insight Series are multi-axis, X-Ray Inspection Systems featuring outstanding configuration flexibility with 75/90/130 kV x-ray source options, six-axes of motion control, unparalleled operator-friendly ergonomic design and a unique no-clamp sample tray for fast load and unload. Insight series applications include: prototyping, failure analysis, manufacturing process validation and rework verification for PCBs up to 20 x 24".





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- PCB Handling: 20x24" | 500x600mm

- 6-axes of motion control

- Unique no-clamp sample tray
- Compact 46 x 52" footprint
- Unique ergonomic design
- Flexible configurations (30)

- Flexible: Adaptable, upgradable and expandable (30 configurations).

- Easy-to-Use: No programming / No fixturing required, train operators quickly and easily. Unparalleled operator-friendly ergonomic design.
- Safe: Exceeds all safety and radiation protection requirements set forth by CDRH and FDA regulations.
- Sample Handling : Unique no-clamp sample tray for fast load and unload, 6-axes of sample manipulation.
- Compact: 60% larger board handling than similar sized systems!




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